Superman Returns

As I have mentioned before, movies are an important part of birthdays in my family — I know, I know, you are thinking, “Umm Matt, when are movies not an important part of anything in your family…?”   I actually saw Superman Returns in the theaters during the weekend of my birthday in 06.  While I was glad to have seen it on the big screen, I remember walking away from the theater feeling apathetic about the experience.

So I popped the disc into the old DVD player to give the movie a second chance.   Unfortunately, I still had the same feelings a year later.

Kevin Spacey was the lone bright spot — great commitment, and a more convincing Luthor than Hackman was.  Kate Bosworth was made to look like Rachel McAdams playing Lois Lane and several times I was wishing that Lois was being played McAdams.  Brandon Routh nailed the Clark part, channeling Christopher Reeve’s performance; but his Superman was as wooden as any pirate’s peg leg.

The story was a basic retelling of Superman (1978) , with some minor updates.  this is probably why I wasn’t wowed with it — I had already seen it 30 years earlier.

My advice:  not bad for a Saturday afternoon — you could make worse choices…

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