To Thumb or Not To Thumb…

For anyone born in the 70’s, you grew up, as I did, knowing what “Two Thumbs Up” meant. Siskel and Ebert, along with Joel Siegel and the guy on Crook and Chase (whose name escapes me and IMDB is not helping with), helped form a broad spectrum of reviewers I trusted. Like many others, I was saddened when Gene Siskel passed away, but was glad that Roger Ebert chose to carry on.

Lately, Roger has been sidelined due to medical reasons, but the show continues. It was with sadness that I saw mention on Ain’t It Cool News and Roger Moore’s blog about the removal of the thumbs from the show.

Here is the statement from Roger Ebert’s site regarding the issue:

Ebert’s Statement re: Thumbs™

/ / / August 24, 2007

Roger Ebert’s statement in response to a recent Disney press release:

I am discussing with Disney my association with the show that Gene Siskel and I started more than 30 years ago. In addition to my personal involvement, we are discussing the continued use of our Thumbs™ trademarks, owned by myself and the Siskel family.

Contrary to Disney’s press release, I did not demand the removal of the Thumbs™. They made a first offer on Friday which I considered offensively low. I responded with a counter-offer. They did not reply to this, and on Monday ordered the Thumbs™ removed from the show. This is not something I expected after an association of over 22 years. I had made it clear the Thumbs™ could remain during good-faith negotiations.

During my absence from the balcony, I have been excited to participate in the show in ways other than being on the set. I love the show and I love the Thumbs™ and I hope we will all be reunited soon.

I agree with Roger’s last line — “I hope we will all be reunited soon.”

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