The Bourne Identity

I had been putting off seeing The Bourne Ultimatum because I wanted to make time to refresh my memory of The Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy.  I finally took some time last Sunday to have my own Bourne marathon.

The Bourne Identity took some time to build an audience when it was released in theaters.  A lot of people did not believe that Matt Damon could be a believable action hero — those parts belonged to his best budd, Ben Affleck.  After watching The Bourne Identity, you get a sense that Damon could play any type of part he sets his mind to.

The movie starts off with a rescue at sea, as amnesiac Damon tries to piece together who he is.   As he finds answers, it leads to more danger and more questions.  His female companion is apropos for the movie — she is not your typical Bond sexpot.  Together, they have a chemistry that grows — that helps the story remain rooted in reality.

For an action movie, there is not much willing suspension of disbelief required.  Except for a couple of stunts, an audience member could do the same things with training.  The story is kept simple and, despite the twists that appear, has a comfortable linear progression.

The DVD has the usual extras.

My advice:  see it.  If you miss this movie, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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