In a previous review, I discussed the television series Firefly.  Serenity is the movie that was made two years after Fox canceled the series.

Joss Whedon had an interesting dilemma — create a movie that anyone could see without having to see the TV series, while adding new stuff for those who did see the show. Given that task, I think he did a decent balancing job.

He brought back the original actors, some with slightly different situations.  He did a good job of wrapping up some loose ends from the show and the ending was satisfactory.  I may not have liked where some characters ended up, but then it was not my story to tell — that may be because I watched the series immediately before watching the movie.

The DVD includes:

  • deleted scenes
  • audio commentaries
  • documentaries

My advice:  enjoyable.  If you are wanting something that is not your typical sci-fi movie, then check this one out…

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