Bubba Ho-Tep

Anybody who loves movies is familiar with the term “B-movie.”  Usually it refers to those movies that are not very good, but are high on the “cheese” factor.  Back in the day, theaters would play the bad movies as part of a double feature — the B selection.  We see this mirrored in the days of vinyl with 45-records having the hit on the A-side and another song on the B-side.

Since the early 90’s, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have teamed up to make some memorable B-movies (Evil Dead).  Even into the 2000’s, Bruce Campbell seemed to relish being able to camp it up a bit on screen and TV.  So it was a no-brainer for him to take on the role of Elvis for a movie about a mummy spirit invading a rest home.  Ossie Davis, in his final screen appearance, plays a black JFK and provides the right chemistry to be Bruce’s sidekick.

A lot of the movie deals with Elvis’s thoughts and backstory — this could have been eliminated to add more danger from the monster.  The monster only got 2 people and was never on-screen long enough to make me fear that he might destroy everything.  What saves this movie is the relationship and the action sequences at the end.

The DVD features the normal extras, with the following bonuses:

  • Commentary by Elvis, in addition to the director
  • Music videos
  • a leather Elvis jumpsuit sleeve for the case

My advice: if you like Bruce Campbell, check it out; otherwise, be prepared for it to be slow in a lot of places…

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