Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

My AMC marathon came to an end At World’s End. I decided to risk the curse of the “3″ yet again and see the latest installment of Pirates of Carribbean (POC).

I loved the first one a lot. I had no expectations and hit at a time that I just wanted to have fun at the movies. I was pleased when they made the right references to the ride and I was satisfied with how things ended. Given the box office it earned that year, the ending became more of a “guideline.”

I heard they filmed Part 2 and 3 at the same time. I exeperienced this twice before — let’s review, shall we:

  • Back to the Future — There was concern that Michael J. Fox would outgrow the role. While Parts 2 and 3 can be minor distractions, some concern towards story would have helped.
  • Matrix — In my opinion, the story ended with the first one, but everyone got greedy. ‘Nuff said.

What is notable about the the two previous examples is that Part 2 is largely forgettable in the overall story arc. POC at least put some important plot points in Part 2 to make it relevant. Which now brings us to Part 3.

We pick up with the immediate mission of recovering Jack Sparrow. This mission seems to cover the first half of a long movie (2 hours, 45 minutes). Then it becomes the battle that we are waiting for.

Gore Verbinski shot a beautiful movie, but I was left wanting more exposition in certain areas and less time spent on some visuals. That said, it could have been worse — a lot worse.

I saw it on digital projection, which was nice. The music was wonderful and the story was ok. It satisfied cleaning up plot points from Part 2 and had a decent ending.

My advice: matinee to full price — need to see it on the big screen for full appreciation, but nowhere near as good as POC 1. If you do go, make sure to stay through the entire credits — like the first two, there is a scene at the end….

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