Knocked Up

Movie Numero Dos in the Sunday AMC marathon had me moving from the world of con men to the world of unexpected party gifts for one-night stands.

Spaldy is always telling me that I must watch certain things and, stubbornly, I refuse. One such refusal was Freaks and Geeks, a short-lived TV show that was followed by Undeclared, another short-lived TV show. Judd Apatow followed these by teaming up with Will Ferrell to make Anchorman and Talladega Nights. With a little money in the bank, Apatow was able to focus on The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which became a big hit for him and Steve Carrell. One of the funnier sidekicks in that film, Seth Rogen, got promoted to headliner in this latest offering.

Rogen plays a slacker hanging out with four other guys, doing all sorts of activities. It is here that you see Apatow rely on his favorites of Jason Segel, Leslie Mann, and Paul Rudd. They add to the fun here as we see Katherine Heigel and Rogen deal with the unexpected pregnancy that results from their one-night stand (not a spoiler given the title).

What I was impressed with was the honesty shown onscreen of two people very scared about the aspect of being parents combined with doing the courtship in reverse. I was laughing my butt off for most of the movie, with a great cameo from Katherine Wiig of SNL. One of my favorite parts was watching Ryan Seacrest have a rant on celebrities that made me almost hope that it was ad-libbed.

My advice: full-price — a fun time to be had, but not a date flick unless you do not care about language or do not worry about what it may do for your chances for after-movie activities…

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