Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

As the summer of sequels continues, so does my quest for one that does not disappoint. This weekend had me setting my sites on the latest installment of the Fantastic 4 franchise.

I know what you are thinking — the first one was not all that good; how good can this one be? Surprisingly, it can be fun.

I reviewed the first one on DVD the other day. As I pointed out then, by having my expectations set low, I was mildly pleased. Not wanting to get too excited, I kept my expectations low on this one.

I went over to the Regal/United Artists theater around the corner from my place. I am not a big fan for Regal, but I just wanted to see a movie. So I hit the 10:30 showing — not many people at it, and luckily, no kids.

Basic premise is that Reed and Sue are trying to get married but keep having things wrecked by the disaster of the week. This week’s comes on a highly polished surfboard. What follows is the rollercoaster ride that one looks for in a summer flick.

As with the first one, angst is not hovering over this movie. There are no underlying messages about diversity, as with X-Men, or responsibility, as with Spider-Man. This is a movie that could easily be a comic book — good guys fight bad guys. The dialog is a bit better in this movie or maybe the actors are just delivering lines better. The actors also look like they are more comfortable in the roles.

My advice: Definitely worth matinée price — full price if you have seen most everything else. Go in wanting a popcorn flick and nothing more.

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