Hot Fuzz

I hate zombie movies.

Huh? What does this have to do with a movie about police?

Well, for the past couple of years, my movie-watching pal, Spaldy, has tried to get me to watch Shaun of the Dead. I refused each time since I am not big fan of the horror genre. The conversation usually ends with her (in a playful way) mocking me about my choice.

Hot Fuzz is a new movie from the people who did Shaun of the Dead.

I got to see it at AMC Altamonte on Moviewatcher Wednesday. For those unfamiliar with Moviewatcher Wednesday, that means FREE POPCORN!!!!!

As I settle into my seat, I text-message Spaldy (now living in LA) about me getting ready to see it. The trailers start and this is the first time that every trailer shown is a movie I really want to see: Knocked Up; SuperBad; Death at a Funeral; Run, Fatboy, Run. This really makes me feel good about the movie choice I have made for the evening.

As the movie starts, I see the Studio Canal and Working Title logos. For those that do not know, I have enjoyed a majority of their films over the past 10 years, so again I am optimistic for the film.

Overall, I got exactly what I wanted out of Hot Fuzz — a fun movie that makes you forget about the world for 2 hours. Was it predictable at times? Yes. Did it matter? Not really. Our hero was a perfect straight man to the absurdity swirling around him. More importantly, the story was kept simple. From improv, I have learned that the audience wants a clear, simple story — they want to know who to root for and they want a happy ending. Does this drive paid movie critics insane? I am sure it does because it means that the same stories get released from Hollywood each year. The audience just wants to go and have fun.

Hot Fuzz delivers the fun.

My rating: it is worth full price at AMC or Regal. Light enough to take a date, with enough explosions to satisfy the action guys…

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